4 Alumni Myths Debunked

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Are you still confused and oblivious to how to reconnect with your Alma Mater? Do you feel this is not your cup of tea? Find out some interesting myths about alumni relations that we have debunked.

Myth No. 1: I had already graduated!! I do not feel the need to reconnect as the institute won’t have time for me.
Life after college comes with many challenges, especially leaving the place which you have called your second home. Having to give up all that just doesn’t seem right.

Your Alma Mater wants you to stay connected, by helping you to join the alumni association and re-live those good old days.

Meeting your fellow alumni, meeting your professors and be a part of frequent local meets chapter, learning through interesting webinars, videos are just some of the perquisites that the institute has to offer you. So, make hay while the sun shines.

Also, getting in touch with your fellow alumni who could speak about their experiences or going back to eat at your favourite campus restaurants, or having access to the library are just icing on the cake. Your alumni association can be your second home away from campus.

Myth No. 2: Alumni Association can no longer benefit me in my professional ladder.

As a newcomer, it is vital to build a strong network to stand a chance of getting ahead especially in the competitive world.

Joining the alumni association can make networking easy. During homecoming events, you will be a surprised to meet some extraordinary people. For example, meeting the CEO of a famous company or at another event you could meet famous alumni to share your ideas with them.

Your Alumni association can also provide with you a plethora of job opportunities or maybe a leap in your career.
Alumni events make it easy to strike up a conversation with successful professionals and they’re much more willing to offer career advice or agree to be your mentor provided you connect with them.

Myth No. 3: I am not a well know personality, I’m not sure how I could contribute to the Alma Mater.

Engagement can be on multiple levels and rewarding for both parties by donating regularly through the annual fund or with high-value single gifts.

You could even sponsor for research, student projects or courses. Providing expert advice and guidance to the university’s leadership, or providing case study material, guest lectures, equipment or similar to enhance teaching. Other ways in which you can contribute is supporting in student recruitment. You could even help in mentoring or providing career advice, placements, internships to current students.

Acting as positive role models to current students, sharing talents to enhance their cultural life of the campus through performances, exhibitions, etc. And contributing to the positive international public profile of the university and to the online profile of the university.

Myth No. 4: As a recruiter, I’m burdened with too many resumes but no right talent.

Alumni Associations can help you connect with senior Alumni who are involved in the professional integration of students. They share common values and education, why not hire them instead of unknown applicants?

You could also implement a mentor/mentee relationship management tool to help junior alumni get in touch with experienced alumni willing to share their expertise and best practices in each field. Senior alumni might as well be willing to learn new skills from junior alumni. That way it can create an avenue for the right talent for your organisation and in turn you could benefit from your alumni.

The Alumni Association help their members carry their bonds, memories, and shared experiences of their college to their future. Many universities have their own alumni relations and development offices. It’s time to search your institute’s website for information on your alumni association that is closest to you, how to join, and a list of upcoming events.

If this proves difficult, you can always give your Alma Mater a call for more information.
Wherever you are, get back in touch with your institute, and consider joining your alumni association and you could never be happier.