Chasing Your Dream Job? – Make it happen with Your Alumni Association

Dream Job-01

Rohan, a young MBA executive, just two years out of B-school, applied for a business analyst position at a pharma company. He met with the recruiter at a job fair in Mumbai and both agreed he would be a good fit for the job. However, with other candidates applying for the same position, it kept him in a lurch.

On his way home from the job fair, Rohan discovered he might have a secret advantage.  Mr. Bhatia, the company’s executive director is a graduate from the same college as Rohan, but 22 years earlier. He thought it would be worth the effort to connect with the executive director and use the college camaraderie to his advantage.

However, Rohan was in a dilemma as he did not know him personally. He decided to check with his contacts, and browse through social media channels if he could connect to Mr. Bhatia. It was all in vain as he received no response. Time was very crucial for Rohan, he had to work something prompt yet efficient or he would have to let go the job.

Discovering the perfect solution to his problem, Rohan realised that he often receives frequent emails from his Alumni Association. Checking those emails, he found a gateway to his dream job by clicking on his Alumni Association website. Lo and behold, he found Mr. Bhatia through the Alumni Network Group. He not only got the job, but he helped him connect with his mentor and future manager.

Had Rohan not realised the true value of the Alumni Association it would have been very difficult for him to connect with Mr. Bhatia and get the job he was waiting for. Isn’t it great!!

The age-old myth that Alumni Association is about institutes only asking huge cheques and donations is untrue.

Alumni associations are a great resource for career networking. Considering today’s job scenario finding the right opportunity with your skills and experience is not only a Herculean task, but at times come with many rejections and disappointments.

We do not say that Alumni Association can provide you job guarantee. However, you can make use of this wonderful opportunity to leverage your career and make new friends in the bargain.

You could start by checking out the institute’s website and search for the alumni section. Most institutes have an entire area of the site dedicated to alumni and the resources offered.

Start by updating your profile and then a simple introduction where you disclose that you’re up for a job and if any alumni have any advice about the industry in general or maybe have openings in their corporation.

Alumni Associations hold networking events many times throughout the year. Large alumni organizations, such as IIT Association, host events nationwide. The gatherings are wonderful opportunities to meet other professionals who have a shared interest and to build genuine business contacts.

So here are some of the avenues provided by the Alumni association for your career networking and progression.

Online Communities

Most alumni associations offer an online social community on their portal like major social media sites. These online alumni communities are a great way to connect and network with other alumni members where you can share career tips, help connect you with an organisation or share your entrepreneurial ideas.

Homecomings and Local Chapters

Since networking is one of the best ways to find a job, attending networking events or local chapter events hosted by your alumni association can connect you with fellow alumnus. Connecting face-to-face can add value to the experience and don’t forget that they are a great resource to get tips and advice for taking your career to the next level.


Webinars are becoming a great way for people to connect and learn about different topics. Institutes that want to connect geographically separated alumnus often hold webinars by industry experts or a well renowned alum of the institute. These webinars cover several different topics, sometimes focusing on tips and advice for your growth personally and professionally.

So, make hay while the sun shines and make the best use of this opportunity to not only connect with your alumni for your career but build some good professional network.